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    Contract Signed. Another Global Fortune 500 Program Got Settled in the Development Zone


      In the afternoon of July 21, a delegation headed by Li Yaxun, vice president of Magna Cosma under Magna International, a Global Fortune 500 Company, came over to Wuqing District to discuss matters on cooperation and entered into the cooperative protocol with Wuqing Development Zone. Ni Bin, deputy secretary of Wuqing District Committee and District Head, presented the contract-signing ceremony and addressed a speech. Liu Donghai, deputy head of the district, Xiao Qingdong, chief of Bureau of Commerce in the District, Du Xuemin, Dean of the Districts Office of Cooperation and Exchange, and Li Fuguo and Lang Cong, respectively general manager and deputy manager of Wuqing Development Zone Head Corporation, presented the meeting. 


      In the meeting, Li Yaxun indicated that Wuqing Development Zone was showing a robust developing momentum with broad development room, as programs to be implemented were to revolve upon research, development, testing, smart manufacturing of automobile system assembly, automobile body and other key parts, set-up of automatic production lines and making of smart plants. Magna is to deepen cooperation with Wuqing Development Zone on such fronts as industrial cooperation, talents introduction and the like in a bid to contribute to high-quality development in Wuqing.


      Liu Donghai extended congratulatory notes to the settlement of Magnas program in Wuqing Development Zone. He alleged that Wuqing Development Zone, a window for reform and open-up in Wuqing, was a main stronghold for economic construction throughout the district as it inaugurated innovation, propelled transformation and shored up stopcock of development. Companies getting settled in here would guarantee their sound and speedy development. 


      Ni Bin pointed out that by seizing upon the opportunities for historical development in recent years, Wuqing District had opened a development track for innovation and transformation by hinging on its multiple advantages on geology, transportation, policies and so forth, appealed to tons of able companies to get settled and grab high-quality development economically and socially. Thanks to its world-class smart manufacturing, light weight of automobiles and other front-edge technologies, Magna International aspires to enhance mutual linkage, hunt for more points of cooperation and coherence and launch more comprehensive cooperation through this round of cooperation.


    Magna International

      With its Head Office based in Ontario, Canada, Magna International is engaged in research, development and manufacturing of automobile components, finished car research, development and OEM. It ranked the third place worldwide in 2019 as an automobile component manufacturer. It products cover internal and external accessory system of automobile, seating system, closed lock system, metal car body and chassis system, mirroring system, exterior system, electronics system, powertrain system, finished automobile designing and OEM assembly. 




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