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    Blockbuster/ Wuqing Development Zone Knocked into Top 100 List for Bio-Pharmacy Industry Parks, 2020


      CCID Consulting under the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the Peoples Republic of China and med.sina co-launched Top 100 List for Bio-Pharmac Industry Parks, 2020 of late. Wuqing Development Zone knocked into the list and ranked the 43rd place.


      It is reported that the Top 100 List takes form by conducting synthetic appraisal on strength of bio-pharmacy industry in 2020 that extended to 387 state industry parks (including 168 state high-tech zones and 219 state economic development areas) from 13 indexes under 6 dimensions in 3 layers namely internal impetus, external impetus and expansion potentials. 


    A state-level economic and technological development zone, a national-level high-tech industry park and the core area for Tianjin State Demonstration Area for Independent Innovation, Wuqing Development Zone has been forever complying with high-quality development requirements, devoting itself to building of five major innovation platforms characterizing publicity, openness, sharing, innovation and synergy, and actively molding a benign industrial ecology that helps promote quickened clustering of resource factors. After over two decades or so of development, it has formed three dominating industrial clusters on smart technology, biological pharmacy and modern service industry. By far, it has introduced 147 bio-pharmacy companies including 15 companies on medication, 51 on medical treatment, 55 on apparatus, and 26 on biological health care. It grabbed a tax revenue of 350 million Yuan in 2019.

    Bio-pharmacy industry parks have gradually constituted major reliance for development of bio-pharmacy industry in China and formed major carriers for integrating all sorts of innovative resources. Wuqing Development Zone is to rely on construction of five major innovation platforms and grip on building of the biological valley to enact more competitive policies on industrial backup and technological talents, accelerate introduction and fostering of leading programs and cooperation with academies and companies, drive force incubation, conversion and industrialization of scientific research outcomes and forge a specialized, top-notched and special cluster of bio-pharmacy industry.


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